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Love Your Furry Friend

Pet GPS Tracker

Pet GPS Tracker

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Product Information:

Material: PVC
Memory: 512 (M)
GPS positioning accuracy: 5-10 (m)
Dimensions: 60*36*17 (mm)
Battery type: lithium battery
Battery life: 72 (h)
Waterproof function: IP65
Antenna type: built-in
External power supply form: 5V
Map function: Yes
Resolution: 1280
Interface text: Chinese/English
Type: GPS satellite locator

Feature 1: Support 3G WCDMA/ Compatible with 2G, all frequency bands are universal;
Feature function 2: Add intelligent positioning mode;
Feature function 3: No installation and easy operation, one type of multi-purpose, wide application range;
Featured function 4: The newly upgraded APP is set to work when the card is turned on;
Feature 5: Intelligent power saving and flow saving;
Feature 6: Newly added SOS alarm, health pedometer function;

Quick operation
1. Insert the card in the device, turn it on, and bring the device to the outdoors
2. Landing platform:
3.IMEI number (posted on the device host); password 123456; choose ID number to log in
1. Scan apps and download apps
The locator supports Apple APP and Android APP positioning query
Scan the APP below or search for dagps in the mobile APP store

Steps: 1. Scan the AP---click: ---choose in the browser---click Android or Apple to download---install

Packing List:

Pet tracker*1, Power cord*1, traction rope*2

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