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External Bird Cage Bath

External Bird Cage Bath

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Thick acrylic environmentally friendly and safe, giving little birds a warm and comfortable bathing environment.
The hooks are easy to install, just rotate the hook into the acrylic bathtub and hang on the cage.
Water bath is good for bird health, through the water bath, not only beneficial to clear feather dust and clear parasites, but it also moisturizes the skin and helps the bird to dissipate heat.
Perfect for cockatiel, budgerigar, finch, budgie, parrot, conure, canary, parrot, lovebird and other small birds.
Material: Ceramic
Size: Length 12.8cm(5.04in); Width12.5cm(4.92in); Height 16.4cm(6.46in)
Color: Yellow, Tranparent
Quantity: 1 PC
1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you don't before ordering.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item


The bottom pole design is easier for birds to use
The top double fixed use range is wider
Except for using Fanyuan 8 Yuan Shi and your cage
Bird cage door size and width can be used in 8-13cm
A horizontal wire is required at the bottom of the pet door
Suitable for 8 small and medium-sized parrots
Such as 8 children's brother quail brother tiger skin peony Anfeng little sun monk and other parrots
Can also be used to feed nourishing pill shellless bird food
method one
The height of the cage door is shorter and fixed with screws
Way two
The cage door is higher and can be fixed with a cinnamon hook for easy access

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Bird bath*1

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